Product: Honeywell Vershield Earmuff

Honeywell Vershield Earmuff

The Honeywell Verishield VS120 Earmuff is designed to provide unparalleled comfort and protection, making it an essential choice for your hearing safety needs. With advanced features, these earmuffs are engineered to deliver optimal performance for a wide range of users.


Experience a perfect fit with the Honeywell Verishield VS120 Earmuff’s large dimension range. Comfortably accommodating a wide variety of head sizes, these earmuffs are 17% more adjustable than earlier versions, ensuring a secure and personalized fit for each individual.


The wide cup opening of the Verishield VS120 Earmuff is ideal for workers with larger ears or those who wear hearing aids. Enjoy maximum comfort without compromising on hearing protection, making these earmuffs suitable for all-day wear.


The Honeywell Verishield VS120 Earmuff features a lightweight cushioned headband with a steel-wire construction. This unique design, combined with the padded headband and precision micro adjustments, ensures exceptional comfort even during extended wear.


Trust in Honeywell’s commitment to quality and innovation with the Verishield VS120 Earmuff. Elevate your hearing protection with earmuffs that excel in performance and adaptability. Choose the Honeywell Verishield VS120 Earmuff and safeguard your hearing with confidenc