Product: UNIVET 6×3 Clear

UNIVET 6×3 Clear

Designed for exceptional comfort and safety, the Univet 6×3 Safety Glasses with Facial Support are your essential choice for comprehensive eye and face protection. With state-of-the-art technology and innovative features, these safety glasses deliver top-notch performance in various work environments, ensuring your safety is never compromised.
Key Features of the Univet 6×3 Face Shield:
Lens Technology: Anti-Scratch + Anti-Fog (KN – Vanguard ULTRA).
Lens Color: Clear.
Lens Material: Polycarbonate.
Frame Color: Gunmetal/Green.
Standards: EN166 and EN170.
Scale Number: (2C-1.2).
Mechanical Resistance: Medium energy impact (B).
Optional Requirements: Resistance to surface damage by fine particles (K), Resistance to fogging of oculars (N), and Protection against high speed particles at extreme temperatures -5°/+55° C (T).
Optical class: Optical class (1).

Additionally, the key features of the Univet 6×3 Face Shield include:
Facial Support: The built-in facial support provides an extra layer of protection for your cheeks and chin, offering added protection against splashes, flying debris, and other workplace hazards that could affect your face.
Superior Clarity: Experience exceptional optical clarity with the Univet 6×3 Safety Glasses. The large polycarbonate lenses offer clear vision and superior impact resistance, ensuring your eyes are well-protected from potential hazards. The lenses are equipped with Anti-Scratch + Anti-Fog (KN – Vanguard ULTRA) technology, providing additional durability and preventing fogging for a clear field of vision.
Certified Safety: These safety glasses are rigorously tested and certified to meet the highest safety standards, including EN166 and EN170. They offer reliable protection against medium energy impact (B) and optional requirements such as resistance to surface damage by fine particles (K), resistance to fogging of oculars (N), and protection against high-speed particles at extreme temperatures between -5° and +55° C (T)